Our Services

Belleair Wealth Management's Registered Advisors are qualified counselors for portfolio management.

However, our primary focus is on portfolio management utilizing various strategic models such as the Bull/Bear Model or the Sector Rotation Model to actively manage assets for our clients.

As well, we have qualified administrators to help facilitate, in a timely manner, the movement of assets for client needs and the ability to prepare pertinent documents needed to open accounts, choose beneficiaries, open 529 plans and various other important material.





                                                                                                                                                                  No Charge, No Obligation Consultation

Every potential client of Belleair Wealth Management is invited to  come to our office and sit down face-to-face with our Registered Advisors without any charge to them.  Importantly, we do not charge by the hour.  We are a fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm and the fees are charged on the assets we manage for our clients.  (There are also some fees associated with the trading of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  These fees are not commissions to us.)

In this initial meeting, our potential client will be offered a copy of our current ADV (an official document filed with the State of Florida), a copy of our Privacy Notice, a copy of our Advisor Agreement and a Client Profile in regard to the "Know Your Client" rule.

We invite you to meet with us for an initial consultation, free of charge and with no obligation. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment.



How We Can Help You

We at Belleair Wealth Management encourage you to interview at least three qualified Registered Advisors in your pursuit to find the "right fit" for your personality and knowledge level.  This decision will be extremely important for you going forward.

Whatever your motivation may be for either looking for a new advisor or just replacing the old one, we stand ready to help you in your decision to give you honest and non-disparaging feedback first.  You are looking for an advisor for a reason.  We want to explore that reason to see if we can help you.  Remember we want to manage expectations as well as assets.